Yui.cat - Anonymous internet services

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We host a number of services on infrastructure that respects your privacy.
If it's legal in the United States, we'll fight to keep it online regardless of external pressure to remove it.

Presentem una sèrie de serveis d'infraestructura que respecta la seva privacitat.
Si és legal als Estats Units, lluitarem per mantenir-lo en línia, independentment de la pressió externa per eliminar-lo.

Hidden service
Exit nodes
    yuicat0 running 4.52 MB/s BEF65D2CA651B5E484BB0E3DA31DD192935FEB1E
    yuicat1 running 10.49 MB/s 431EA69FC4089BE4304AAEC38FEAE8BC8F8711C5
    yuicat2 running 5.24 MB/s EF4351738CD6B454745C5432B1A15A3DEB6FE99E
    yuicat3 running 4.25 MB/s 424A9CC37A5D09DA0A910CD8B3F3B37524318724

    Relay status is fetched every 30 minutes.

All of the services we host are provided pro bono publico, without logs of any kind.

Services including webhosting, ZNC, and VPN are offered to developers of free software at our discretion.


While we do not tolerate abuse of our network, nor do we tolerate misuse of the DMCA or wasting our time.

Please use these DMCA guidelines to expedite resolution of copyright complaints. 

Any request (or threat) regarding access to user information will be ignored. Logs are disabled or written to /dev/null.


	Service-related inquiries: info@yui.cat
	Abuse: abuse@yui.cat

	Nick: Jordan
	Network: Rizon or Koumbit

	General: jsw@riseup.net
CC0 1.0 Universal/Public domain - No rights reserved.