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Relays with effective family member 21397EF0704533D8CBC58238373B458DBE35A655 are responsible for ~160.16 MB/s of traffic, with 3 exit relays.

Nickname Contact Bandwidth IP Address AS Number AS Name Country Platform Flags First Seen
Ubermensch (3) bf342b69 95.42 MB/s AS16276 OVH SAS France Linux Exit Fast HSDir Running Stable V2Dir Valid 2020-10-01
Ubermensch (3) bf342b69 50.47 MB/s AS16276 OVH SAS Canada Linux Exit Fast Guard HSDir Running Stable V2Dir Valid 2020-04-13
Zilchy (3) 8cf82db7 14.27 MB/s AS200651 Flokinet Ltd Romania Linux Exit Fast Running Stable V2Dir Valid 2020-11-17