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Relays started on 2021-03-30 are responsible for ~36.86 MB/s of traffic, with 3 middle relays.

Nickname Contact Bandwidth IP Address AS Number AS Name Country Platform Flags First Seen
OhNoA... (2) 6bbabf9a 17.59 MB/s AS53667 PONYNET United States of America Linux Fast Guard HSDir Running Stable V2Dir Valid 2021-03-30
Kitzsteinhorn f7a4e94d 10.48 MB/s AS8560 IONOS SE Germany Linux Fast Running V2Dir Valid 2021-03-30
eclipse09 (11) d3515525 8.79 MB/s AS16019 Vodafone Czech... Czechia Linux Fast Guard Running Stable V2Dir Valid 2021-03-30