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NetBSD systems are responsible for ~35.07 MB/s of traffic, with 3 middle relays and 1 exit relay.

Nickname Bandwidth IP Address AS Number AS Name Country Platform Flags Running First Seen
xmmswap 30.0 MB/s AS16276 OVH SAS Germany NetBSD Fast Guard Running Stable V2Dir Valid True 2017-12-04
ZiaComputing 2.63 MB/s AS40244 Turnkey Internet Inc. United States NetBSD Fast Running Stable V2Dir Valid True 2020-02-16
ZiaComputing 1.88 MB/s AS46309 Tonaquint Data... United States NetBSD Fast HSDir Running Stable V2Dir Valid True 2020-04-29
houstonrd2 562.18 KB/s AS10143 Exetel Pty Ltd Australia NetBSD Exit Fast Running Valid True 2019-09-28